Friday, 27 January 2012

Micro elements

Mise en Scene
  • Colours: Red background, dark purples and blues, black room for rock god
    We want these colours to fit the rock theme
  • Dark and night atmosphere
    Gives you the illusion you're in a club and continues with the night theme

  • Track
  • Lots of split screens
    To keep the viewer entertained
  • Reversing and slow mo's (Not too much)
    Lots of music videos have slow motions
  • Fast pace, quick cuts
    To keep up to the pace of the song
  • Cut on the beat (!)
Camera Work
  • Lots of close ups (Guitar, singer)
    This is conventional for any music video, the lead singer always has more close ups
  • Mid shots
    So you can see the costume and the scene
  • Unconventional shots -  More interesting (Side shots, above shots)

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