Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kirsty's Evaluation

In what ways does your media product, use, develops or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

We looked at other media videos from similar artists to get a feel for the types of shots and locations we could se in our music video. Our music video was a rock/pop music video so we looked at artists such as Rihanna. We saw how many different shots were used and how quickly they changed, so we decided that we would get as many types of shots as possible in each location so it would fit in with the genre. When we edited it we tried to make there be a different shot on each beat, to keep the video up beat and fast paced. We wanted to look at other music videos that use green screen, as it was something we wanted to do, so we looked at The music video of Rihanna – Rude Boy to get ideas. We saw how many costume changes the artist goes through in a music video and how ambitious they are. So we decided to try and get in as many costumes we could, using some clothes that we wouldn’t usually ear to make the artist stand out, and look like a proper artist.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We tried to keep both products in the same style so it looked good overall. We tried to give the magazine advert and digipack a rock feel to it, by having them red and black. We used pictures of cartoon skulls and roses to make them more interesting and fit with the theme. With the music video being about a rock god I think this fits well as it keeps to a continuous style. I think the image this creates for the artist is a rock theme as she is doing the rock symbol with her hands in the pictures of her in the digipack stuff; she also has a rock look to her in the music video, which we created with costume makeup and location. I think it does attract our target audience. We were aiming for 12-15 year olds, most likely girls. Using a bold red background for our ancillary texts it really makes it stand out, we used interesting fonts to make it more exciting to read, and have effective pictures of the artist to make her look weird and different. The video is brightly coloured with interesting costumes and a range of locations, with upbeat editing that would keep a teenager interested throughout the video.

What have you learnt from your feedback?

We think we should have had an electric guitar instead of an acoustic guitar for the rock god, to make him look a bit more modern. We would of liked to have had one of our locations in a club but decided it would of looked a bit empty and we struggled to get one we could use for our video, but it would have been n appropriate location as some of them were not fitting with the song. We should of changed the pace of the editing as the song changed pace instead of just trying to cut on the beat, we should of considered the pace of the song first. We are happy with our opening location as it helps set the video; people had also commented that we had created the right mood with our video for the song. The performance in our video was brilliant and convincing and we managed to get enough close ups of the singer. Our final product was a lot more exciting and fast paced then the rough cut. We should of filmed a better ending to our video as it the performance was a bit awkward and the location didn’t make sense to the audience. We should of light he outside shots a bit better as some f the shots were quite dark. We should of established the rock god sooner and made it more obvious what his character is as people got confused, we feel we should of put signs up or had him playing in a band.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

To do our planning we used the blogger, which is a blogging site on the Internet. We used it to write down each step of what we did through out the preparation and production of our video so we could keep record of our researching and editing for our product. It being online helped us being able to access it when we wanted to, whether we were at home or at college. We used Photoshop to create mood boards for our video and to create all the digipack stuff, it is really useful to create what we wanted as it has lots of options to do effects. We used final cut to create the animatic, which gave us a guideline of what shots and locations to do during our music video. We also used final cut to edit our music video together. We had HD cameras to take pictures of the shots we had drawn for our animatic and to film our product, these cameras made the quality of our video high and look more like a proper music video.

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