Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Chloe's evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products
Our product challenges media products that are on the market right now. We know this because we have gained inspiration from similar sounding artists, for example for our digipack cover, I searched from my iTunes libarary, looking through artists of a similar sound, and seeing if there was an connection between the artwork. I found that a lot of rock/pop bands, use silhoettes on their covers. For example, My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Only Hope For Me Is you – EP’ has a silhoette of the lead singers head on the backdrop of a desert, this fits in with the music and the theme of the album. We also used proffesional technologies to make our product, for example, for editing our video we used Final Cut Pro. Using this, we learnt new techniques on our video, like how to slow down and speed up a clip. For our digipack, we thought that using roses, sugar skulls and the colour theme black and red would suit our genre, as these are stereotypical to rock/pop. I also decided to make a vinyl as a few other rock bands have vinyl copies of their albums for keepsakes for big fans (or for record player listeners!), for example A Day to Remember made a vinyl copy of their album ‘Homesick’, still using the same art as on their album cover but extending art futher.  In our music video, we used the technique of green screening, which has been used in lots of big music videos, for example Rihannah’s ‘Rude Boy’ and All Time Low’s ‘I Feel Like Dancin’ (Which even parody’s Katy Perry’s California Girls video). We had a bit of difficulty in the green screen, as we didn’t realise that flashing lights would effect the green screen when we went to edit it, but we managed to find our way around it, instead of using white in the background to make it look like a photoshoot, we used bright, pop colours, for example pinks, purples and blue. Other music videos have used this effect, such as Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’. On our digipack, we have 3 CDs. The first being the album itself, the second being our ‘Special Edition’ disk, with extra songs, covers, remixes and videos. The third CD is a computer CD, with behind the scenes pictures, videos and a free subscription to her fan site. Other big music artists such as Lady Gaga have used this technique, including a memory stick in Lady Gaga’s case with behind the scene footage. The 50’s was one of our main inspirations for our whole task, and we thought the song and the lyrics fitted nicely with the personality of a young adult in the 50’s, pining over a bad boy rock god.

How effective is the combination of your main product and anciallry
Our main product and anciallry products fit together nicely because we have a overlaying theme of Rock n’ Roll. This is shown by our costumes and settings. In one of our themes, it is set in a room, we put posters up in the background of other rock bands and wore dark clothing. We also kept the video very ‘pop’ too, as Katy Perry is known as a pop artist, so we used bright, playful colours in the green screen,  and a happy slant for the video. For hair and make-up, we used bright red lipstick, as this is very 50’s Rock n’ Roll.  Red was one of our main colour themes, as this is used all the way through our ancillary products and our music video. Although our ancillary products are more ‘rock’ than the music video itself, we chose this because the song was very up beat, a song you would sing along and dance to on a night out, so our music video was more on the pop side, but we wanted to show the rock theme as well, so we showed this through our ancillary tasks. We also decided to use the ‘Katy Perry’ font, so fans would recognise the font on the more edgier of the Katy Perry album covers and be more attracted to it. I think that our target audience is towards the age of teens to young adults, as Katy Perry is a fun character, although she has a sexy slant to her, so teens and young adults would be her best target audience.

What have you learnt for your feedback
Our initial idea was a lot different from our current video. We was originally going to have 3 girls getting ready in their bedroom, and the main character sneaks out the house to meet her rock god, and rides away on his moterbike. This plan had a lot more narratie than our current video, but unfortunaly this shooting didn’t work out very well so we had to change our plan and location, and re-shoot.
On our first rough cut we showed, we was told that we had good shots and lots of close –ups, on the main artist, which is what a music video needs,  the lip syncing was very good, lots of costume changes and a overall good performance. We was told that there was also a few points where people we looking at the camera, that Pat wasn’t established early enough in the video, the walking off end scene looked awkward and the pace of the music video itself was slow. We fixed these, by cropping the shot when people we looking at the camera, we spread Pat’s clips out throughout the video so he was established earlier on and it was not just in one part of the video.  We also sped the video a lot more up, by chopping the clips up on the beat and changing the shot regulary, but keeping the same setting. We fixed the end scene by adding green screeb clips before and after it to distract, and cutting the scene shorter so the ‘funny arm’ was not noticed. 
How did you use new media technologies in the constrution and research, planning and evaluation styles?
 Wer used a lot of new media technologies when creating this video, as there are a lot of new products being released onto the market every day. We used HD cameras to film our music video, which made it look very crisps and high quality. We found these HD cameras a lot easier to used than the preious tape cameras, as there wasn’t any fiddling about when it came to putting the footage onto the computer. We also used Final Cut Pro to edit our video, which is what the proffesionals used to edit. We found this easy to use and work with, as we had used it previously before, but we did learn more techniques whilst making the music video than we had known before.  We also used Photoshop to make and edit our digipack. I found this easy because I have photoshop at home and I know how to use it. We used pictures from the site Deviantart, which is artists that have uploaded their work. I used my Digital SLR camera to take the photo for the front of the digipack. We used the site blogger to note down what was done throughout our project. All of these new products and technologies helped to create a modern and up to date looking product, although maybe not up to the standards of technologies big pop stars use, we have challanegd that with our product.

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